Sidetracks Art Gallery proudly announces its Summer Showcase featuring artworks by two long-time Gallery artists: Triple Select, paintings by Richard Gabriele of Langhorne, Pennsylvania and A Sculptor’s Journey, freestanding creations by Gay Malin of Delmar, New York. The exhibit will open with an Artist Reception on Saturday evening, June 10 (5 to 8 PM) and extend through July 30. 2017. 


Richard Gabriele’s egg tempera on Japanese hand-made paper artworks first appeared at Sidetracks in 2009 in the two-person show, So Different. He returns with selections from his three most recent series: Above Reason, Palimpsest and Spirit of Eden. The large almost hypnotic paintings in Above Reason, three of which will be seen at Sidetracks, are oil on linen and consist of interlocking calligraphic marks on shimmering backgrounds.  As the critic Peter Selz wrote, “Like abstract paintings and, in fact, like meaningful art in general, they are open to many meanings.”


The calligraphy which Selz says looks like “letters of unfamiliar alphabets” open up in the succeeding Palimpsest series, in which convoluted and colliding letters of handwritten Greek and cursive English blend with subtle colors in soft columnar grids.  Ancient and modern surface scripts merge into transcendental depths and contrasts.  The newest and still on-going series (in both large and small incarnations), Spirit of Eden, reflects a love of antique oriental carpet medallion designs.  Their texture and warmth are re-created on handmade paper in glowing color.  Ideas and ideals of paradise and its garden seem to dance in timeless and unified rhythms when woven within each carpet’s symmetry.    


Richard Gabriele’s artwork has been recently seen at Alserkal Avenue during Art Walk in Dubai, and was chosen for the Text & Image exhibition at SITE: Brooklyn by Edith Newhall, art critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.  In addition, his design to transform Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain into an experimental artwork was selected by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in celebration of the centenary of that artwork by R. Mutt.


Sculptor Gay Malin was first featured at Sidetracks in the 2013 edition of Naked in New Hope.  She fashions strong involving works in terracotta, bronze, aluminum, wood and mixed media, with cast paper and copperplate as supporting materials to fill out her amazing oeuvre.


With her studio just south of Albany and with a career behind her as a New York State Museum specialist, she has concentrated her wit and wisdom in strong but uncertain works that invite reaction and reward open reflection.


Her newest series of bronzes, Meaning & Meaninglessness, consists at this time of two completed works.  The first, From the First to Last Breath (after Samuel Beckett), is a centerpiece of this summer’s 10th Anniversary celebration at Hutson Gallery in Provincetown.  The second, Owner’s Manual, fresh from the foundry, will be unveiled during the Artist Reception at Sidetracks.


Some 20 mind-expanding works will grace the pedestals of Sidetracks for this survey of Gay’s amazing career.  In a recent conversation, she viewed her work, past and future, as something of an ongoing dialogue with self on the quirky puzzlements of life, a conversation perhaps overheard by another or others.  Sidetracks Gallery invites you to eavesdrop as she continues her journey.