New Hope Sidetracks Art Gallery is having a splash moment this summer, presenting Resident Gallery Artists McWillie Chambers of Catskill, NY and Richard Gabriele of Langhorne, PA; while introducing our newest Resident Gallery Artist G Thornton Hunter of Denver, CO, in an exhibit of marine artwork entitled Ship Ahoy! with guest artist William Bulman of our neighboring gallery, Cathy Begg’s 43Canal Studio.  Following an opening reception on Saturday evening, June 21, from 5:00 to 8:00 P. M, the show will continue through August 2, 2014.


In 2007, McWillie Chambers was the featured artist in the first annual Naked in New Hope open submission exhibition, presenting a selection of paintings, monotypes, woodcuts and drawings from Chambers’ long career as a professional artist specializing in the male nude in natural settings. 


At that time, Sidetracks promised a subsequent show of Chambers’ other specialty – nautical themes, especially large oils of iconic ocean liners of the 20th Century  -- from  Titanic and Olympic to Ile de France and Aquitania – but also including maritime works on paper and glass.  This show now redeems that promise.


Chambers hails from Baton Rouge, with art studies at the Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, the Kansas City Art Institute, the New York Studio School and Universidad de Salamanca.  Now retired from his career as a private art dealer, he has continued to be exhibited in several New York galleries in the season just past.


G Thornton Hunter, though now a Denver landlubber, has lived most of his life on one US coast or the other, with time spent right on the water as a US Navy yeoman, continuing a pedigree from his sailor machinist father and his birth in Portsmouth Naval Hospital.  For many years his marine prints and watercolors were at home in Provincetown, MA.  His unique monoprints and watercolors of sea and shore well recommend him to the New Hope arts community.


Richard Gabriele, a Gallery Artist since 2009, shows another side of himself in his graphite and watercolor contributions to the current exhibition.  He brings to his depiction of sailing ships the same detailed drawing and intimate command of water color and tempera on handmade paper he has shown previously in his animal, botanical and figurative works. 


Finally, it is Sidetracks’ privilege to present a modest selection of finely crafted wood assemblages of guest artist William Bulman.  Whether sailboat or Chinese junk, his artworks tell stories of romance and adventure on the high seas.