Resident Artists

André Gomes

​Hillside, New Jersey

André is showing his carvings in wood and stone at Sidetracks in his first-ever gallery exhibition. Originally from Belo Hoizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, was influenced in his carving by his father before him, but remains self-taught with an intricate obsessive style all his own. He creates miniature worlds of wonder where all lines intersect, filled with repetitive patterns of cityscapes, steps and ladders, highlighted here and there with small precious or semi-precious gems and miniature carved figures. His cityscape influences include the Brazilian colonial city of Ouro Preto, neighboring Belo Horizonte.

Materials for Andre's carvings for the most part include found wood, sand clay and smooth clay, and small garden stones. His works over the past few month have begun to focus on new cloisonné-like paintings on board, outlined by ordinary staples and colored with artist-mixed paints. The works shown at Sidetracks span an 8-year period of intense artistic activity.

André has grown from using his father's barber shop implements in experimental carving to a jeweler's work of preparing precious and semi-precious stones for their proper settings. In between he continues to carve in wood and stone and clay in his very personal style. Even at home with his wife Kristen and two sons, his hands and carving tools are seldom idle.

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Paul Graubard
Lenox, Massachusetts

Paul is a retired psychologist who discovered the art world and his own talent when in his 60's as a way out of paralyzing grief brought on by the death of his daughter. As a self-taught artist with somewhat zany themes and free-wheeling images, he has begun to make a name as an Outsider Artist – exhibiting for the last few years at the Outsider Art Fair in Manhattan and at the Intuit Show in Chicago. Paul's hallmarks include ripped paper and acrylic collages, and a strong contrasting color sense. Personal themes in his always optimistic world include graceful dancing, circus acts, cold arctic nights, Judaica, Bible stories and Paul Bunyan (imagine him eating a stack of pancakes in the snow!) Many individual collages and paintings combine several of his themes all at once.

Paul introduces himself as a New Jersey native who spent his early school years reading, doodling and playing hooky, dropping out in the 10th grade to hitchhike around the country. After later going to college, marrying and settling down with his family in New York City, he worked as a teacher, professor and psychologist – always finding work that gave him the autonomy he craved. He believes that stumbling on art in his later years saved his well-being is not his life. His wife, Karen Chase, is a poet with several published volumes to her credit, including her most recent publication, Jamali Kamali.

His work has been featured at such venues as Church Street Gallery and Tanglewood Music Festival, both in Lenox, MA; The Outsiders in Cornwall Bridge, CT; Galerie Bonheur in St. Louis, MO; and the Zetter Collection in Carlsbad, CA. The American Visionary Art Museum of Baltimore, MD, has his work both on current display and in its permanent collection